C28000 Muntz Metal, also known as 60/40, is copper alloyed with zinc. C280 Muntz is most commonly found in sheet and plate form. Cu Zn40 is considered a duplex alpha-plus-beta brass and has excellent hot-working properties but is less corrosion resistant than C464 Naval Brass. C28000 Muntz is commonly used in architectural applications, including decorative panels, elevators, trim work and signage. Compared to the yellow tones of C260 Cartridge Brass, C280 Muntz has a warmer appearance that readily takes to polishing. Industrial applications for 280 brass include baffles and tubesheets.

Marmetal stocks C28000 sheet

Specifications for C28000

Sheet ASTM B36
Plate ASTM B36

Mechanical Properties for for C28000

TEMPER Designation Tensile, min ksi (MPa) Tensile, max ksi (MPa)
M20 As Hot-Rolled 40 (275) 55 (380)
H01 Quarter-Hard 50 (345) 62 (425)
H02 Half-Hard 58 (400) 70 (485)
H03 Three Quarter-Hard 60 (415) 75 (515)
H04 Hard 70 (485) 85 (585)
H06 Extra Hard 82 (565) 95 (655)

Compositions for C28000 Muntz Metal

UNS No. Copper + Silver Lead Iron Zinc
C28000 59.0-63.0 0.09 max 0.07 max remainder

Physical Properties for C28000 Muntz Metal

Density @ 68o F 0.305 lb/in3
Melting Range 1645-1650o F
Hot Formability Excellent
Cold Formability Limited
Machinability rating (C360 = 100) 45
Brazing Good
Soldering Excellent
Gas-shielded arc welding Fair
Oxy-acetylene welding Good
Carbon-arc welding Not recommended
Coated metal-arc welding Not recommended
Resistant welding: spot and seam Fair
Resistance Welding: butt Good

Applications for C28000 Muntz Metal

* Heat Exchangers
* Baffles
* Fasteners
* Tubesheets
* Condensers
* Elevator Doors
* Decorative Facia
* Signage
* Architectural Trimwork