C26000 Cartridge Brass, also known as 70 30, is copper alloyed with zinc.  C260 Cartridge Brass has a warm yellow tone and is most commonly found in tube, sheet and plate form.  C260 is commonly called Cartridge Brass because it has traditionally been for ammunition cartridges and shells.  70 30 brass has a wide range of uses, including applications in architectural, electrical, consumer, construction and plumbing industries.  Cartridge Brass, also known as Spinning Brass, is capable of undergoing severe forming and drawing

Marmetal stocks C26000 sheet and plate form.

Specifications for C26000 Cartridge Brass

Sheet ASTM B36
Plate ASTM B36

Mechanical Properties for C26000 Cartridge Brass

TEMPER Designation Tensile, min ksi (MPa) Tensile, max ksi (MPa)
M20 As Hot-Rolled 41 (275) 51 (345)
H01 Quarter-Hard 49 (340) 59 (405)
H02 Half-Hard 57 (380) 67 (450)
H03 Three Quarter-Hard 64 (425) 74 (595)
H04 Hard 71 (470) 81 (540)
H06 Extra Hard 83 (545) 92 (615)
Compositions for C26000 Cartridge Brass

UNS No. Copper + Silver Lead Iron Zinc
C26000 68.5-71.5 0.07 max 0.05 max remainder
Physical Properties for C26000 Cartridge Brass

Density @ 68o F 0.308 lb/in3
Melting Range 1680-1750o F
Hot Formability Fair
Cold Formability Excellent
Machinability rating (C360 = 100) 30
Brazing Excellent
Soldering Excellent
Gas-shielded arc welding Good
Oxy-acetylene welding Good
Carbon-arc welding Not recommended
Coated metal-arc welding Not recommended
Resistant welding: spot and seam Fair
Resistance Welding: butt Good
Applications for C26000 Cartridge Brass

* Ammunition Cartridges
* Baffles
* Fasteners
* Bathroom Fixtures
* Gears
* Terminal Connectors
* Decorative Facia
* Signage
* Radiator Cores
* Pump cylinders