C86300 High-Strength Manganese Bronze, also known as SAE 430B, offers some of the highest mechanical properties available in cast bar. C863 Manganese Bronze has good corrosion and wear resistance and is well suited for applications involving high loads and low speeds. C86300 Bronze is available as centrifugal cast, continuous cast and sand cast bar. CDA 863 Manganese Bronze is ideally suited for heavy duty applications, including bridge pins, bushings, wear rings, clamps hydraulic cylinder parts and rudders.

Available in round, tube & rectangle. Also cast to size.

Specifications for C86300

Rounds/tubes/rectangles ASTM B505
sand cast ASTM B584
centrifugal ASTM B271
All Methods
QQ-C390, ASTM-B22

Mechanical Properties for for C86300

Form Specification Tensile, min ksi (MPa) Yield, min ksi (MPa)
Elongation in 2”, % min
Centrifugal Cast ASTM B271 110 (758) 60 (414) 12
Continuous Cast ASTM B505 110 (758) 62 (427) 14
Sand Cast ASTM B584 110 (758) 60 (414) 12
Compositions for C86300 High Strength Manganese Bronze

UNS No. Copper Tin Lead Zinc Nickel incl. Cobalt Iron Aluminum
C86300 60.0-66.0 0.20 max 0.20 max 22.0-28.0 1 2.0-4.0 5.0-7.5 2.5-5.0
Physical Properties of C86300

Density @ 68o F
0.283 lb/in3
Melting Range
1625-1693o F
Casting Yield Low
Drossing High
Effect on Section Size Low
Fluidity Medium
Gassing Low
Machinability rating (C360 = 100) 8
Brazing Poor
Soldering Poor
Gas-shielded arc welding Poor
Oxy-acetylene welding Poor
Coated metal-arc welding Good
Applications for C86300 High Strength Manganese Bronze

Pump Parts
Marine Products
Rolling Mill Bearings
Hydraulic Press Main Liners
Hydraulic Press Stuffing Box
Thrust Washers
Screw Down Nuts
Bridge Pins