MPG partners in metals

MPG is a specialized manufacturer of high quality heat exchanger tubes and heat technology products. Their facility melts and manufactures tubes in Germany, meaning they are 100% DFARS compliant. Marmetal is MPG’s exclusive distribution agent for the US and Canada.

Laboratory Testing, Inc.

Laboratory Testing Inc. (LTI) is one of the largest independent testing laboratories in the United States. Located just up the road from Marmetal, LTI provides fast, reliable and respected NDT and destructive testing of our products.

Copper Development Association

The Copper Development Association’s website provides a wealth of information about the physical properties, specifications and applications for copper and copper alloys.

Propeller Club, Port of Norfolk Chapter

As a member of the Propeller Club of the United States, the Port of Norfolk chapter works to promote the maritime industry through many of its programs and partnerships. Their annual Spring Oyster Roast helps to support several local charities.

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