This aluminum bronze alloy has superior corrosion resistance and high strength. C958 corrosion resistance of to salt water increases after heat treatment. CDA958 is also known as NiBrAl is easy to weld, has good thermal & electrical conductivity properties. C95800 is an excellent choice for marine environments.

Cast to size as centrifugal, continuous or sand.

Specifications for C95800

Rounds/Rectangles ASTM B505
sand cast ASTM B148
centrifugal ASTM B271
all methods Mil-B-24480

Mechanical Properties for for C95800

tensile yield elongation
centrifugal 85K min. 35K min. 15% min.
continuous cast
85K min. 35K min. 18% min.
sand cast 85K min. 35K min. 15% min.

Compositions for C95800 Nickel Aluminum Bronze

UNS No. Copper Iron Lead Silicon Nickel incl. Cobalt Aluminum
C95800 79% min. 3.5-5.5 .03 max. .1 max. 4.0-5.0 8.5-9.5 .80-1.5

Physical Properties of C95800

* Field Sterength 16 kA/m
Melting Point – Liquidus°F
1940 Melting Point – Solidus°F
1910 Densitylb/cu in. at 68°F
0.276 Specific Gravity
7.64 Electrical Conductivity% IACS at 68°F
7 Thermal ConductivityBtu/ sq ft/ ft hr/ °F at 68°F
20.8 Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 68-57210⁻⁶ per °F (68 – 572°F)
9 Specific Heat CapacityBtu/ lb /°F at 68°F
0.105 Modulus of Elasticity in Tensionksi
16500 Magnetic Permeability*
1.05 Poisson’s Ratio

Applications for C95800 Aluminum Bronze

Marine Hardware
Seawater Pumps
Desalinization Equipment
Test Weld Coupons