C23000 red brass 85% copper – 15% zinc – has very good resistance to corrosion and dezincification. C230 pipe is used in hot water lines, especially circulating systems, as the corrosiveness of any water increases with a rise in temperature.

Available in pipe & tube.

Specifications for C23000 Red Brass

Pipe ASTM-B-43
Tube ASTM-B-135
Condenser Tube ASTM-B-111

Mechanical Properties for C23000 Red Brass (light annealed)

Form Specification Tensile, min ksi Yield, min ksi Elongation in 2”, % min
Pipe ASTM-B-43 44 18 45
Tube ASTM-B-135 44-58
Condenser Tube ASTM-B-111 40 12

Compositions for C23000 Red Brass

UNS No. Copper Fe Lead Zinc
C23000 84.0-86.0 .05 max .05 max remainder

Physical Properties for for C23000 Red Brass

Density @ 68o F 0.312 lb/in3
Melting Range 1810o F-1880oF
Coefficient of thermal expansion
.0000104 per oF from 68oF to 572oF
Machinability rating (C360 = 100) 30
Brazing Excellent
Soldering Excellent
Gas-shielded arc welding Good
Oxy-acetylene welding Good
Coated metal-arc welding
Not Recommended

Applications for C23000 Red Brass

* Heat Exchanger
* Heat Exchanger Shells
* Plumbing
* Pump Cylinder Liners
* Boiler Feed Tubes
* Condenser Tubes
* Tubes for Heat Exchangers
* Fittings
* Pump Lines