Engineered Tube

various engineered tubes from Marmetal

Engineered tubes offer distinct advantages over traditional condenser tubes. By optimizing the heat transfer process engineered tubes increase efficiency. This allows for greater flexibility when designing new heat exchangers and increases the performance of existing units re-tubed with engineered tubes.

Corrugated Tubes

Corrugated tubes are created through a special manufacturing process that creates spiral grooves on the inner and outer surfaces of thin-walled traditional smooth tube. The resulting engineered tube has greater heat transfer to the inner side of the tube and allows for better condensation run-off. Marmetal can supply corrugated and cross-corrugated tubes specially designed to meet your requirements. Click HERE to learn more about the advantages of corrugated tubes.

corrugated tubes from Marmetal

Finned Tubes

By increasing the outside surface area, finned tubes offer significantly higher heat transfer rates. As a result of this increase in efficiency, fewer tubes can be used compared to units constructed with smooth tubes. Marmetal supplies integrated finned tubes in two sizes: Type N (low-finned) and Type M (medium-finned). Bi-metal versions are also available.

corrugated tubes from Marmetal

Double Wall Safety Tubes

Double wall safety tubes provide extra security when cross-contamination must be avoided. In addition to providing a physical separation between mediums, inner grooves between the walls allow for easy leak detection to prevent system downtime.

Bi-Metal Tubes

Bi-metal tubes provide exceptional value by combining two different metals in one product allowing the positive benefits of the two materials to be utilized simultaneously. Expensive corrosion-resistant material can be combined with less expensive base metals to provide excellent protection at a lower total cost.

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