Widely used in marine applications where resistance to both corrosion and biofouling is important.

Standards MIL-C-15726FASME SB-171ASTM B 171
UNS Designation Number 70-30 (UNS C71500)
Nominal Chemicals 70-30: Copper 69.5%, Nickel 30.0%, Iron 0.5%
Machinability 20
Average Tensile Mechanical Properties 40000 psi
Average Yield Mechanical Properties 15000 psi
Average Elongation Mechanical Properties 30 %
Thickness Range 0.063 to 0.375 in
Width 36 in
Length 96 in
Plate Thickness 0.25 to 5 in
Plate Width 36 to 60 in
Plate Length Up to 240 in

C715 Cupro-Nickel is a 70/30 copper-nickel alloy that is almost entirely resistant to stress corrosion and is ideal when used in applications involving high-velocity polluted seawater. Typical 715 CuNi applications for use in the chemical and desalination industries include tubes and tubesheets for condensers, evaporators and heat exchangers; tubes for carrying seawater; valve bodies; pump bodies and impellers.

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