Tube Shapes

Marmetal provides pipe and tubing in a wide range of alloys and specifications. From standard ASME condenser tubing to highly specialized MIL-Spec pipes. Marmetal supplied tubes and pipes can be found in heat exchangers, power plants and nuclear submarines as well as architectural and structural applications.

Marmetal can supply your requirement cut to length, with full mill certs, and with no minimum order quantity.

Marmetal is the exclusive United States distributor for MPG Mendener Pr├Ązisionsrohr GmbH, a high-performance manufacturer of copper-based tubing products. MPG tubes are melted and manufactured in Germany, making them DFARS approved. C443, C706 and C715 Condenser Tubes and MIL-T-16420K MIL-Spec Pipes produced by MPG are consistent in their quality and precision, and are quickly becoming the preferred product where longevity of life and low failure rates are of high importance.


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