Architectural Metal

Corrosion Resistance  |  Machinability & Malleability  |  Surface Quality


Many of the same characteristics that make our alloys preferable to industrial applications make them desirable for commercial and residential architectural installations. With our cutting capabilities, we can pre-cut our material to practically any shape you can design.

Due to their natural warm tones, our “red metals” lend themselves to applications requiring a finish surface. Marmetal can supply our materials polished to the following surface finishes:

Metal Architectural Signage
  • #3 Grain Finish
  • Non-Directional Satin Finish
  • #4 Architectural Directional Satin Finish
  • #4 Dairy/Sanitary Finish
  • #6 Fine Grain Finish
  • #7 Smooth Buffed Finish
  • #8 Mirror Finish
  • #8 Pure Mirror Finish
  • C110 Copper
    C110 Copper – Commonly used for roofing, flashing, gutters and downspouts
  • C260 Cartridge brass
    C260 Cartridge Brass – Commonly used for decorative hardware, hinges, kick plates and locks
  • C280 True Muntz
    C280 True Muntz – Commonly used for architectural panels, trim work and decorative hardware
  • C365 Leaded Muntz
    C365 Leaded Muntz – Commonly used for architectural panels and decorative hardware
  • C443 Admiralty Brass
    C443 Admiralty Brass – Commonly used for pipe-style snow guards on roofs
  • C464 Naval Brass
    C464 Naval Brass – Commonly used for architectural panels, decorative hardware and fittings
  • C510 Phosphor Bronze
    C510 Phosphor Bronze – Commonly used for applications where spring tempers are desired
  • C614 Aluminum Bronze
    C614 Aluminum Bronze – Commonly used when strength and corrosion resistance are desired
  • C706 Copper Nickel
    C706 Copper Nickel – Commonly used for antimicrobial applications like handrails
  • C715 Copper Nickel
    C715 Copper Nickel – Commonly used when a lighter nickel finish is desired
  • C770 Nickel Silver
    C770 Nickel Silver – Commonly used when a silver-like finish is desired